Friday, October 09, 2009

1958 corvette

April 30th this is as far as i go with this nice example of a 58

This is an epoxy prime coat. Its looking good to me. Next will be the underside and engine compt.

Jan 2010 we took no less than 5 coats of paint of this car by hand. We found outstanding fiberglass below.
The front fenders were flared at some point and the pics show the repairs being completed.

when i looked at this one in a barn, the body was upside down on the ground and buckets of nuts bolts and clips. we have done a pre- assembly ,and things are lining up. this is going to be a fun one

1972 westy

Have fun M.

It is good when the seat belts stay bolted to the body!

A thin coat of polyester applied to the entire panel to smooth out the many bumps and bruises.

using various methods to repair the impacts this van has encountered over the years.

This very little rust to speak of van came in from Vancouver. I think it is going black and white!